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14.33 Economics Research and Communication, Spring 2002

Global market and financial figures.
Global market and financial figures. (Image courtesy of OCW.)

Highlights of this Course

This site features a rich collection econometric applications, using Stata® programs and data sets, listed under the labs section. There are also a number of useful Web links under the related resources section, including listings of the USDA Economics and Statistics System, US Department of Agriculture, U.S. Census Bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the World Factbook 2000 of the CIA, and the World Bank.

» View this course en Español or em Portugues courtesy of Universia.

Course Description

This course will guide students through the process of forming economic hypotheses, gathering the appropriate data, analyzing them, and effectively communicating their results. All students will be expected to have successfully completed Introduction to Statistical Methods in Economics and Econometrics (or their equivalents) as well as courses in basic microeconomics and macroeconomics. Students may find it useful to take at least one economics field course and perform a UROP before taking this course, but these are not requirements.



Prof. Sara Ellison

Course Meeting Times

One session / week
2.5 hours / session




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