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22.00J / 1.021J / 3.021J / 10.333J / 18.361J / 2.030J / HST.558 Introduction to Modeling and Simulation, Spring 2002

Billiard balls.
Billiard balls. (Image courtesy of Jake Campbell and Stock.XCHNG.)

Highlights of this Course

This course features a complete set of lecture notes. All problem sets are also provided in the assignments section, which includes the famous "Let's Make a Deal," probability problem (sometimes used in job interviews) that has confused many a professional mathematician.

Course Description

This course focuses on the basic concepts of computer modeling in science and engineering using discrete particle systems and continuum fields. Techniques and software for statistical sampling, simulation, data analysis and visualization. Use of statistical, quantum chemical, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, mesoscale and continuum methods to study fundamental physical phenomena encountered in the fields of computational physics, chemistry, mechanics, materials science, biology, and applied mathematics. Applications drawn from a range of disciplines to build a broad-based understanding of complex structures and interactions in problems where simulation is on equal-footing with theory and experiment. Term project allows development of individual interest. Student mentoring by a coordinated team of participating faculty from across the Institute.



Prof. Sidney Yip
Adam Powell
Martin Bazant
Jianshu Cao
W. Craig Carter
Nicolas Hadjiconstantinou
Nicola Marzari
Leonid Mirny
Rodolfo Rosales
Bernhardt Trout
Franz-Josef Ulm
Jacob White

Course Meeting Times

Three sessions / week
1 hour / session




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