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BE.010J / 2.790J / 6.025J / 7.38J / 10.010J Introduction to Bioengineering, Spring 2005

Photo of a small glass chip DNA sequencing device.

The BioMEMS lab at Whitehead Institute has developed a device that makes DNA fingerprinting faster, more accurate, and portable. The chip-based device miniaturizes a process called electrophoresis onto a small glass chip. In operation, samples of DNA are injected in microchannels etched onto the chip’s surface, and an electrical current separates the DNA molecules based on their size. (Image by Sam Ogden. Used with permission.)

Highlights of this Course

This course features a set of student generated lecture notes and a series of video interviews of a selection of faculty in the Biological Engineering Department at MIT.

Course Description

Designed as a freshmen seminar course, faculty from various School of Engineering departments describe the bioengineering research and educational opportunities specific to and offered by their departments. Background lectures by the BE.010J staff introduce students to the fundamental scientific basis for bioengineering. Specially produced videos provide additional background information that is supplemented with readings from newspaper and magazine articles.

Technical Requirements

RealOne™ Player is required to run the .rm files found in this course.



Biological Engineering Faculty

Course Meeting Times

Fourteen sessions for 14 weeks
1 hour / session




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