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13.00 Introduction to Ocean Science and Technology, Fall 2002

Sea surface temperature as derived from satellite imagery showing the deflection of the Gulf Stream.
Sea surface temperature as derived from satellite imagery. The deflection of the Gulf Stream to the east at the Charleston Bump is apparent. (Image courtesy of NOAA.)

Highlights of this Course

This course includes a full set of problem sets with data and solutions, as well as a collection of links to other web-based ocean science resources.

>> View this course en Español or em Portugues courtesy of Universia.

Course Description

Introductory subject for students majoring or minoring in ocean engineering and others desiring introductory knowledge in the field. Physical oceanography including distributions of salinity, temperature, and density, heat balance, major ocean circulations and geostrophic flows, and influence of wind stress. Surface waves including wave velocities, propagation phenomena, and descriptions of real sea waves. Acoustics in the ocean including influence of water properties on sound speed and refraction, sounds generated by ships and marine animals, fundamentals of sonar, types of sonar systems and their principles of operation.

Technical Requirements

Any number of software tools can be used to import the .dat files found on this course site. Please refer to the course materials for any specific instructions or recommendations.
MATLAB® software is required to run the .m files found on this course site.

MATLAB® is a trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.



Prof. John Leonard

Course Meeting Times

Three sessions / week
1 hour / session

One session / week
1 hour / session




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