Lecture Notes

The following outline of topics and lectures represent the full set of lectures given in the course. Many of them are from guest lecturers.
Selected Topics: Background and Astronaut Performance
1 Research on the International Space Station (PDF - 2.3 MB) Arnauld E. Nicogossian, Dava Newman
Physiological System (PDF)
2 Human to Mars? (PDF) Dava Newman
Selected Topics: Exploration in Extreme Environments
3 Thematic Analysis: Group Interaction (PDF)
4 Content Analysis of Diaries Maintained by the Leaders and Physicians of French Remote Duty Stations (PDF) Jack Stuster
Bone Mechanics: Skeletal Consequences of Space Flight
5 Bone Presentation (PDF - 2.7 MB) Grant Schaffner, Dava Newman
6 Whole Bone Modeling Using Bone Mineral Data (PDF - 1.5 MB) Thomas J. Beck
7 Modeling Space Flight Alterations (PDF - 2.5 MB)
8 Dynamic and Structural Analysis (PDF - 1.1 MB)
9 MindMap Summary of Bone (PDF)
Muscle Mechanics: Muscle Changes in Space
10 Muscle Mechanics (PDF) Dava Newman
11 Muscle Properties and Human/Robot Comparison (PDF) Dava Newman
12 Muscle Performance Summary (PDF) Dava Newman
13 Clarification on a 'muddy point' of the Force-Velocity relationship (PDF)
14 2001 MindMap and Muscle Slides (PDF)
Musculoskeletal Dynamics and Control: Multibody Kinematics
15 2001 Musculoskeletal Kinematics & Dynamics (PDF - 1.2 MB) Grant Schaffner
16 Musculoskeletal Dynamics, Part I (PDF) Grant Schaffner
17 3D Representation of a Joint
18 Musculoskeletal Dynamics, Part II (PDF - 1.2 MB) Grant Schaffner
19 Optimization Principles in Motor Control (PDF) Dava Newman, Joseph H. Saleh
Cardiovascular System
20 2001 Cardiovascular Simulator Thomas Heldt, Eun B. Shim, Roger D. Kamm, Roger G. Mark
21 Cardiovascular Effects of Space Flight (PDF - 2.5 MB) Richard J. Cohen
22 Computational Models of Cardiovascular Function for Analysis of Post-Flight Orthostatic Intolerance Thomas Heldt, Eun B. Shim, Roger D. Kamm, Roger G. Mark
Neurovestibular System
23 Anatomy and Physiology of the Vestibular Organs
24 Central Neural Processing of Vestibular Cues
25 Vision, Orientation and Space Motion Sickness
26 Conflict Theory-from CanJPhy-CMO 1, 2 and 3 (PDF - 2.1 MB) (PDF - 2.1 MB) (PDF - 1.9 MB) Charles M. Oman
27 Human Vestibular Orientation in Weighlessness-CMO (PDF - 2 MB) Charles M. Oman
28 Sensori-integration citations (PDF)
29 Neurovestibular Illusions and Countermeasures (PDF - 1.5 MB)
30 Space Station tour
31 Motivation: Why Artificial Gravity? (PDF)