HST.583 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Data Acquisition and Analysis

As taught in: Fall 2006




Dr. Randy Gollub
(Course Director)


Three diagrams of the brain showing varying activity of the amygdala region.
Attention and valence effects in the amygdala, based on fMRI studies. (A) Arrows point to the amygdala. Attended faces compared to unattended faces evoked significantly greater activations for all facial expressions. The level of the coronal section is indicated on the small whole-brain inset. (B) Estimated responses for the left and right amygdala regions of interest as a function of attention and valence. FA, fearful attended; FU, fearful unattended; HA, happy attended; HU, happy unattended; NA, neutral attended; NU, neutral unattended. (Source: Pessoa, L., et al. "Attentional Control of the Processing of Neutral and Emotional Stimuli." Cognitive Brain Research 15, no. 1 (2002): 31-45. Courtesy Elsevier, Inc., ScienceDirect. Used with permission.)

Course Features

Course Description

This team taught, multidisciplinary course covers the fundamentals of magnetic resonance imaging relevant to the conduct and interpretation of human brain mapping studies. The challenges inherent in advancing our knowledge about brain function using fMRI are presented first to put the work in context. The course then provides in depth coverage of the physics of image formation, mechanisms of image contrast, and the physiological basis for image signals. Parenchymal and cerebrovascular neuroanatomy and application of sophisticated structural analysis algorithms for segmentation and registration of functional data are discussed. Additional topics include fMRI experimental design including block design, event related and exploratory data analysis methods, building and applying statistical models for fMRI data. Human subjects issues including informed consent, institutional review board requirements and safety in the high field environment are presented.


Dr. Robert Banzett

Div Bolar (TA)

Dr. Randy Buckner

Dr. Bradford Dickerson

Dr. John Gabrieli

Dr. Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli

Dr. Doug Greve

Dr. Nouchine Hadjikhani

Dr. Karl Helmer

Dr. Nancy Kanwisher

Dr. David Kennedy

Dr. Joe Mandeville

Dr. Dara Manoach

Dr. Jennifer Melcher

Dr. Christopher Moore

Dr. Vitaly Napadow

Dr. Sonia Pujol

Dr. Bruce Rosen

Dr. David Salat

Dr. Robert Savoy

Dr. Dan Sodickson

Dr. A. Gregory Sorensen

Dr. Christina Triantafyllou

Dr. Mark Vangel

Dr. Lawrence Wald

Dr. Anastasia Yendiki

Technical Requirements

Special software is required to use some of the files in this course: .mat, .mov, .dcm, .zip, .mnc, .gz, and .tar.

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