21M.606 Introduction to Stagecraft

As taught in: Spring 2003




Technical Instructors:

William Fregosi

Leslie Cocuzzo Held

Michael Katz

Karen Perlow

MIT Seal altered to read Massachusetts Institute of Theater.
The MIT seal, with some modifications. (Image courtesy MIT Theatre Department.)

Course Highlights

This course features description that provide additional detail regarding course topic and activities. These are located in the study materials section.

Course Description

Offered annually in the spring term, Introduction to Stagecraft is a hands-on course that gets students working with the tools and techniques of theatrical production in a practical way. It is not a design course but one devoted to artisanship. Among the many remarkable final projects that have been proposed and presented at the end of the course have been a Renaissance hourglass blown in the MIT glass shop and set into a frame turned on our set shop lathe; a four harness loom built by a student who then wove cloth on it; a number of chain mail tunics and coifs; a wide variety of costume and furniture pieces and electrified period lighting fixtures.

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