9.68 Affect: Biological, Psychological, and Social Aspects of Feelings

As taught in: Spring 2005




Prof. Stephan Chorover

Dr. Jovan Ristic

Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear by Vincent van Gogh.

Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear by Vincent van Gogh. (Image is taken from WebMuseum Web site: http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/.)

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This course features lecture notes and a bibliography of readings.

Course Description

Affect is to cognition and behavior as feeling is to thinking and acting, or as values are to beliefs and practices. This course considers these relations, both at the psychological level of organization and in terms of their neurobiological and sociocultural counterparts.

In this class, diverse aspects of the current scientific paradigm which is based largely on a distrust of emotions is explored as well as other perspectives within a broader human-ecological context. Relevant issues are approached both experientially and theoretically through discussions in class and in study groups, and through field trips and assigned readings.

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