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Laboratory Fundamentals in Biological Engineering

As taught in: Spring 2006

Photo showing MIT spelled with budding S. cerevisiae.

S. cerevisiae shown budding (top) and bound to CdS (bottom). (Image by Belcher lab. Used with permission.)


Prof. Bevin Engelward

Prof. Drew Endy

Dr. Natalie Kuldell

Dr. Neal Lerner

Prof. Angela M. Belcher

Dr. Atissa Banuazizi

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Course Description

This course introduces experimental biochemical and molecular techniques from a quantitative engineering perspective. Rigorous quantitative data collection, statistical analysis, and conceptual understanding of instrumentation design and application form the underpinnings of this course. The four discovery based modules include DNA Engineering, Protein Engineering, Systems Engineering, and Biomaterials Engineering. Additional information is available on the course Wiki (hosted on OpenWetWare.)

Teaching Fellows

Reshma Shetty

Maria Foley

Eileen Higham

Yoon Sung Nam