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A successful seminar requires attendance at every meeting, completion of all readings and active, engaged participation. To stimulate discussion, students may be assigned to give short presentations on assigned readings or to serve as "resident expert" for that week's readings.

In addition, this seminar has three writing assignments:

Short Essays

Three short essays, no more than 750 words. The essays should critically examine a hypothesis, theory, question, concept or controversy contained in the readings for each week. The essay may address only a subset of the readings, but under no circumstances should the essay simply summarize assigned texts.

Final Exercise

A take-home exercise due at the end of the term. The question for the take-home will be distributed and will simulate the department's general exam in International Relations.

Research Memos

Weekly research memos, no more than 250 words. Based loosely on the topic or issues raised in discussion each week, these memos should state a hypothesis, outline its importance and describe how it might be tested. The memos will count towards students' participation grade.