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    • P And S Wave Velocity Determination 

      Willis, M. E.; Toksoz, M.N. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Earth Resources Laboratory, 1983)
      There are three general methods that can be used to determine formation velocities from full waveform logs. The first approach is to make use of the data from the entire waveform. This type of velocity analysis is performed ...
    • P and SV waves 3-D Numerical Modeling of AVOA from Heterogeneous Fractured Reservoirs 

      Zhu, Xiang; Shen, Feng; Toksoz, M. Nafi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Earth Resources Laboratory, 1997)
      We study the effects of fracture-induced anisotropy and lateral fracture density heterogeneity on the reflected P and SV wave amplitude variation with offset and azimuth (AVOA), using 3-D finite-difference simulations. The ...
    • The (p,n) reaction on 9Be and 17O at 135 MeV 

      Pugh, Billy Gene (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1985)
    • P- and S- wave tomography of the crust and uppermost mantle in China and surrounding areas 

      Sun, Youshun, 1970- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005)
      This thesis involves inverting the seismic structure of the crust and uppermost mantle in China from the P- and S-wave travel-time tomography. The main contributions of this research are: 1) introducing the adaptive moving ...
    • p-adic interpolation of iterates 

      Poonen, Bjorn (Oxford University Press, 2014-03)
      Extending work of Bell and of Bell, Ghioca, and Tucker, we prove that for a p-adic analytic self-map f on a closed unit polydisk, if every coefficient of f(x)−x has valuation greater than that of p [1over (p−1)], then the ...
    • The p-adic local langlands conjecture 

      Malon, Christopher D (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005)
      Let k be a p-adic field. Split reductive groups over k can be described up to k- isomorphism by a based root datum alone, but other groups, called rational forms of the split group, involve an action of the Galois group ...
    • p-adic modular forms over Shimura curves over Q 

      Kassaei, Payman L., 1973- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1999)
    • p-Channel gallium nitride transistor on Si substrate 

      Chowdhury, Nadim (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018)
      Gallium Nitride, a wide bandgap (3.4 eV) semiconductor, has outstanding attributes, such as, high breakdown electric field, high electron mobility, which make it suitable for applications requiring high power and high ...
    • P-N junction microwave phase modulators. 

      Navarro Stevenson, Manuel Santiago (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1972)
    • The P-Norm Push: A Simple Convex Ranking Algorithm that Concentrates at the Top of the List 

      Rudin, Cynthia (MIT Press, 2009-10)
      We are interested in supervised ranking algorithms that perform especially well near the top of the ranked list, and are only required to perform sufficiently well on the rest of the list. In this work, we provide a ...
    • The p-parity conjecture for elliptic curves with a p-isogeny 

      Cesnavicius, Kestutis (Walter de Gruyter, 2014-06)
      For an elliptic curve E over a number field K, one consequence of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture is the parity conjecture: the global root number matches the parity of the Mordell-Weil rank. Assuming finiteness ...
    • P-TAXI : enforcing memory safety with programmable tagged architecture 

      Kamolpornwijit, Witchakorn (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2016)
      Buffer overflow is a well-known problem that remains a threat to software security. With the advancement of code-reuse attacks and return-oriented programming (ROP), it becomes problematic to protect a program from being ...
    • P-wave electrical alternans as an indicator of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation 

      Iyengar, Nikhil, 1969- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1999)
      P-wave electrical alternans is a beat to beat alternation in the morphology of the P-wave, the wave in an electrocardiogram corresponding to atrial depolarization. In this investigation, software to measure p-wave alternans ...
    • P-wave ππ scattering and the ρ resonance from lattice QCD 

      Alexandrou, Constantia; Leskovec, Luka; Meinel, Stefan; Paul, Srijit; Petschlies, Marcus; e.a. (American Physical Society, 2017-08)
      We calculate the parameters describing elastic I=1, P-wave ππ scattering using lattice QCD with 2+1 flavors of clover fermions. Our calculation is performed with a pion mass of m[subscript π]≈320  MeV and a lattice size ...
    • P-Wave ππ Scattering and the ρ Resonance from Lattice QCD 

      Alexandrou, Constantia; Leskovec, Luka; Meinel, Stefan; Paul, Srijit; Petschlies, Marcus; e.a. (2017-08)
      We calculate the parameters describing elastic I=1, P-wave ππ scattering using lattice QCD with 2+1 flavors of clover fermions. Our calculation is performed with a pion mass of m[subscript π]≈320 MeV and a lattice size of ...
    • P22 arc repressor : cooperative DNA binding and transcriptional regulation 

      Smith, Tracy Lynn (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1996)
    • P22 arc--energetics and cooperativity of DNA binding 

      Brown, Bronwen Marylouise (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1994)
    • A p38alpha-Selective Chemosensor for use in Unfractionated Cell Lysates 

      Stains, Cliff I.; Lukovic, Elvedin; Imperiali, Barbara (American Chemical Society, 2010-09)
      Recent efforts have identified the p38alpha Ser/Thr kinase as a potential target for the treatment of inflammatory diseases as well as non-small cell lung carcinoma. Despite the significance of p38alpha, no direct activity ...
    • The p53 binding protein PDCD5 is not rate-limiting in DNA damage induced cell death 

      Bock, Florian J.; Tanzer, Maria C.; Haschka, Manuel D.; Krumschnabel, Gerhard; Sohm, Benedicte; e.a. (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-06)
      The tumour suppressor p53 is an important mediator of cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in response to DNA damage, acting mainly by transcriptional regulation of specific target genes. The exact details how p53 modulates ...
    • p53 constrains progression to anaplastic thyroid carcinoma in a Braf-mutant mouse model of papillary thyroid cancer 

      McFadden, David Glenn; Vernon, Amanda; Santiago, Philip M.; Martinez-McFaline, Raul; Bhutkar, Arjun (AJ); e.a. (National Academy of Sciences (U.S.), 2014-04)
      Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) has among the worst prognoses of any solid malignancy. The low incidence of the disease has in part precluded systematic clinical trials and tissue collection, and there has been little ...