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Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management


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  • Thakur, Anshu; Teoh, Ian Martin (2018)
    The project sponsor is a reverse logistics company that provides Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) to large manufacturing companies, distributors and retailers. Its business model is characterized by a unique closed-loop ...
  • Yin, Ben (Bin); Rallis, Christos W. (2018)
    When it comes to LTL shipping, it can be tough for shippers to get the performance that they expect due to the makeup of LTL networks. On-time performance is dependent on many more factors than in full truckload shipping. ...
  • Orende, Bernadette (2018)
    An operations strategy is a method or plan of action that corporations employ to reach their goals. A good strategy enables a company to operate efficiently and use its resources effectively. The purpose of this capstone ...
  • Miller, Ronald Russell; Taylor, Hilary (2018)
    Apeel Sciences has made it their mission to help eliminate food waste. To do so, they are introducing their exciting new product, EdipeelTM, to market. Edipeel is an edible, natural, flavorless coating that, when applied ...
  • Li, Yiyao; Phillips, William (2018)
    This capstone project studies route deviations in the last-mile deliveries of a large soft drink company. Last-mile delivery is a critical problem due to its substantial economic impact on operational cost, and deviations ...