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6.453 Quantum Optical Communication, Fall 2008

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dc.coverage.temporal Fall 2008 en_US 2008-12
dc.identifier 6.453-Fall2008
dc.identifier local: 6.453
dc.identifier local: IMSCP-MD5-94b88972972969ae3cd2809228795660
dc.description.abstract This course is offered to graduate students and covers topics in five major areas of quantum optical communication: quantum optics, single-mode and two-mode quantum systems, multi-mode quantum systems, nonlinear optics, and quantum systems theory. Specific topics include the following: Dirac notation quantum mechanics; harmonic oscillator quantization; number states, coherent states, and squeezed states; P-representation and classical fields; direct, homodyne, and heterodyne detection; linear propagation loss; phase insensitive and phase sensitive amplifiers; entanglement and teleportation; field quantization; quantum photodetection; phase-matched interactions; optical parametric amplifiers; generation of squeezed states, photon-twin beams, non-classical fourth-order interference, and polarization entanglement; optimum binary detection; quantum precision measurements; and quantum cryptography. en_US
dc.language en-US en_US
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dc.rights.uri Usage Restrictions: This site (c) Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2017. Content within individual courses is (c) by the individual authors unless otherwise noted. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is providing this Work (as defined below) under the terms of this Creative Commons public license ("CCPL" or "license") unless otherwise noted. The Work is protected by copyright and/or other applicable law. Any use of the work other than as authorized under this license is prohibited. By exercising any of the rights to the Work provided here, You (as defined below) accept and agree to be bound by the terms of this license. The Licensor, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, grants You the rights contained here in consideration of Your acceptance of such terms and conditions. en_US
dc.rights.uri Usage Restrictions: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported en_US
dc.rights.uri en_US
dc.subject Quantum optics: Dirac notation quantum mechanics en_US
dc.subject harmonic oscillator quantization en_US
dc.subject number states en_US
dc.subject coherent states en_US
dc.subject and squeezed states en_US
dc.subject radiation field quantization and quantum field propagation en_US
dc.subject P-representation and classical fields. Linear loss and linear amplification: commutator preservation and the Uncertainty Principle en_US
dc.subject beam splitters en_US
dc.subject phase-insensitive and phase-sensitive amplifiers. Quantum photodetection: direct detection en_US
dc.subject heterodyne detection en_US
dc.subject and homodyne detection. Second-order nonlinear optics: phasematched interactions en_US
dc.subject optical parametric amplifiers en_US
dc.subject generation of squeezed states en_US
dc.subject photon-twin beams en_US
dc.subject non-classical fourth-order interference en_US
dc.subject and polarization entanglement. Quantum systems theory: optimum binary detection en_US
dc.subject quantum precision measurements en_US
dc.subject quantum cryptography en_US
dc.subject and quantum teleportation. en_US
dc.title 6.453 Quantum Optical Communication, Fall 2008 en_US
dc.title.alternative Quantum Optical Communication en_US

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