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Space, Telecommunication, Astronomy, & Radiation Lab

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Space, Telecommunication, Astronomy, & Radiation Lab


The lab of Professor Kerri Cahoy, MIT AeroAstro and EAPS

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  • Marlow, Weston; Carlton, Ashley; Hyosang, Yoon; Clark, James; Haughwout, Christian; Cahoy, Kerri; Males, Jared; Close, Laird; Morzinski, Katie (Journal of Spacecraft & Rockets, 2017-05)
    In this study, the feasibility and utility of using a maneuverable nanosatellite laser guide star from a geostationary equatorial orbit have been assessed to enable ground-based, adaptive optics imaging of geosynchronous ...
  • Marinan, A. D.; Cahoy, K. L.; Bishop, R. L.; Lui, S. S.; Bardeen, J. R.; Mulligan, T.; Blackwell, W. J.; Leslie, R. V.; Osaretin, I. A.; Shields, M. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2016-12)
    The microwave radiometer technology acceleration (MiRaTA) is a 3U CubeSat mission sponsored by the NASA Earth Science Technology Office. The science payload on MiRaTA consists of a triband microwave radiometer and global ...
  • Yoon, Hyosang; Sternberg, D. C.; Cahoy, Kerri (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2016-11)
    In this study, the authors propose a novel method to handle OOSMs in Kalman filtering. The proposed method, called the augmented fixed-lag smoother (AFLS), is based on the fixed-lag smoother (FLS) formulation, which has ...
  • Clements, E. B.; Carlton, A. K.; Joyce, C. J.; Schwadron, N. A.; Spence, H. E.; Sun, X.; Cahoy, K. (Space Weather: The International Journal of Research & Applications, 2016)
    Space weather is a major concern for radiation-sensitive space systems, particularly for interplanetary missions, which operate outside of the protection of Earth's magnetic field. We examine and quantify the effects of ...
  • Kingsbury, R. W.; Caplan, D. O.; Cahoy, K. L. (SPIE, 2016)
    The paper presents implementation and validation results for a CubeSat-scale laser transmitter. The master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) design produces a 1550 nm, 200mW average power optical signal through the use of ...