Recent Submissions

  • Automated Question Generation System for Genesis 

    Lala, Sayeri (2019-04-01)
    Automatic Question Generation systems automatically generate questions from input such as text. This study implements an Automated Question Generation system for Genesis, a program that analyzes text. The Automated Question ...
  • Learning by Asking Questions and Learning by Aligning Stories: How a Story-Grounded Problem Solver can Acquire Knowledge 

    Yang, Zhutian; Winston, Patrick Henry (2018-12-17)
    We describe how a problem solver, grounded in the Genesis Story Understanding System, acquires knowledge by asking questions and by aligning successful problem-solving stories. To illustrate learning by asking questions, ...
  • Self-Aware Problem Solving 

    Winston, Patrick Henry (2018-12-16)
    I describe a problem-solving scenario in which the Genesis story understanding system tells its own story, in its own inner language, as it answers a question, ``Did Lu kill Shan because America is individualistic,'' about ...

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