Recent Submissions

  • Large Scale Infrastructure Design Using Evolving Networks 

    Ishimatsu, Takuto; Alhassan, Abdulaziz; Doufene, Abdelkrim; de Weck, Olivier; Alsaati, Adnan; e.a. (2020-06-13)
    This paper discusses the potential use of graph-theoretic framework in the context of large scale infrastructure design and management. Named as the Interdependent Network Flow with Induced Internal Transformation (INFINIT) ...
  • A Web-Based Collaborative Decision Support System for National Water Policy Planning 

    Doufene, Abdelkrim; Aldawood, Salma; Ishimatsu, Takuto; Alhassan, Abdulaziz; Sanchez, Abel; e.a. (2020-06-13)
    In this paper, we introduce a web-based collaborative decision support system (WCDSS) to enable stakeholders to evaluate and refine complex scenarios addressing the location, timing, and technology of water and related ...
  • Model Based System Design to Support Variability and Flexibility, and Early Bidding Phase of New Procurement 

    Doufene, Abdelkrim; Sakhrani, Vivek; Alkhenani, Abdullah; Yu, Bo Yang; Alsaati, Adnan; e.a. (2020-06-13)
    A generic design of a complex industrial system allows the reduction in engineering cost and time to market because of the ability to adapt a technical solution given a particular context. We present in this study a ...

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