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Lean Advancement Initiative

Research and Teaching Output of the MIT Community

Lean Advancement Initiative


The Lean Advancement Initiative (LAI) at MIT:

  • Is a network of world-class MIT researchers and experts in a wide range of fields.
  • Serves as a neutral broker with extensive links across academia, industry, and government.
  • Offers multiple years of experience, a deep enterprise knowledge base, and expertise that spans multiple domains, including industry, military, and healthcare.
  • Has a successful history of developing and applying unique enterprise tools and techniques to enterprise challenges in military organizations.
  • Includes a unique international consortium of international universities and colleges, the LAI Educational Network (EdNet).

Recent Submissions

  • Oehmen, Josef; Oppenheim, Bohdan W.; Secor, Deborah; Norman, Eric; Rebentisch, Eric; Sopko, Joseph A.; Steuber, Marc; Dove, Rick; Moghaddam, Kambiz; McNeal, Steve; Bowie, Mark; Ben-Daya, Mohamed; Altman, Wolf; Driessnack, John (Joint MIT‐PMI‐INCOSE Community of Practice on Lean in Program Management, 2012-05)
    This document provides the findings of the Joint MIT‐PMI‐INCOSE Lean in Program Management Community of Practice that are based on a 1‐year project executed during 2011 and 2012. The community was made up of selected subject ...
  • Warmkessel, Joyce (2002-01-30)
  • Rebentisch, Eric (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1996-10-10)
    This white paper reports emerging findings at the end of Phase I of the Lean Aircraft Initiative in the Policy focus group area. Specifically, it provides details about research on program instability. Its objective is ...
  • Smith, Jim (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000-03)
    “What is value in product development?” is the key question of this paper. The answer is critical to the creation of lean in product development. By knowing how much value is added by product development (PD) activities, ...
  • Shroyer, E. (2002-03)
    Lean Transition of Emerging Industrial Capability (LeanTEC) program was a cooperative agreement between the Boeing Company and AFRL conducted from January 1998 to January 2002. The results of this program are documented ...