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    • Idempotent Vector Design for Standard Assembly of Biobricks 

      Knight, Thomas (MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory; MIT Synthetic Biology Working Group, 2003)
      The lack of standardization in assembly techniques for DNA sequences forces each DNA assembly reaction to be both an experimental tool for addressing the current research topic, and an experiment in and of itself. One ...
    • A New Biobrick Assembly Strategy Designed for Facile Protein Engineering 

      Phillips, Ira; Silver, Pamela (2006-04-20)
      The existing biobrick assembly technique[1] provides a straightforward way to combine standardized biological components, termed biobricks. This system, however, is limited in that each protein-encoding biobrick must ...
    • Registry of BioBricks Models using CellML 

      Vincent Rouilly, Barry Canton; Poul Nielsen, Richard Kitney (2007-10-04)
      One of the main goals in Synthetic Biology is to assess the feasibility of building novel biological systems from interchangeable and standardized parts. In order to collect and share parts, a Registry of standardized DNA ...