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    • Cloud-based solutions for distributed climate modeling 

      Vinogradova, Nadya; Shiffer, Mark; Forget, Gael; Hill, Christopher N. (2017-09-19)
      A new, cloud-based framework for climate modeling is introduced allowing to run climate models at the “click of a button”. The framework aims to simplify dissemination of climate models, increase transparency of modeling ...
    • ECCO Version 4: Second Release 

      Forget, Gael; Campin, Jean-Michel; Heimbach, Patrick; Hill, Christopher N.; Ponte, Rui M.; e.a. (2016-03-31)
      The purpose of this note is twofold: (1) document the second release of ECCO version 4 state estimates (ECCO v4-r2); (2) provide a citable identifier to distinguish it from the previous release (ECCO v4-r1; Forget et al 2015).