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Alternative electrical energy sources for Maine

Research and Teaching Output of the MIT Community

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MIT-EL-77-010-052 ... 1.508Mb PDF
MIT-EL-77-010-A-0 ... 3.008Mb PDF Appendix A. Glaser, C. and Ruane, M. Conversion of biomass
MIT-EL-77-010-B-0 ... 3.394Mb PDF Appendix B. Jones, W. J. [et al.]. Conservation
MIT-EL-77-010-C-0 ... 1.814Mb PDF Appendix C. Waterflow, A. Geothermal energy conversion
MIT-EL-77-010-D-0 ... 675.8Kb PDF Appendix D. Ruane, M. Ocean thermal energy conversion
MIT-EL-77-010-E-0 ... 2.402Mb PDF Appendix E. Jones, W. J. Fuel cells.
MIT-EL-77-010-F-0 ... 3.883Mb PDF Appendix F. Geary, J. and Jones, W. J. Solar energy conversion
MIT-EL-77-010-G-0 ... 2.592Mb PDF Appendix G. Ruane, M. Conversion of solid wastes.
MIT-EL-77-010-H-0 ... 1.023Mb PDF Appendix H. Ruane, M. Storage of energy.
MIT-EL-77-010-I-0 ... 1.718Mb PDF Appendix I. Mays, J. Wave energy conversion
MIT-EL-77-010-J-0 ... 1.275Mb PDF Appendix J. Mays, J. Ocean and riverine current energy conversion.
MIT-EL-77-010-K-0 ... 2.438Mb PDF Appendix K. Labuszewski, T. Wind energy conversion.
MIT-EL-77-010-L-0 ... 1.740Mb PDF Appendix L. Gruhl, J. Environmental impacts.

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