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Civil and Environmental Engineering (1) - Archived

Research and Teaching Output of the MIT Community

Civil and Environmental Engineering (1) - Archived


The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is one of the oldest departments at MIT. Our mission is to educate the future leaders of the profession and to provide skills and foundations for lifelong learning and growth. Research to create new knowledge is an integral part of our education program and the continued renewal of the profession.

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Recent Submissions

  • Mei, Chiang; Rosales, Rodolfo; Akylas, Triantaphyllos (2006-12)
    This course discusses the Linearized theory of wave phenomena in applied mechanics. Examples are chosen from elasticity, acoustics, geophysics, hydrodynamics and other subjects. The topics include: basic concepts, one ...
  • Chisholm, Sallie W.; Schaider, Laurel (2003-12)
    Basic subject in ecology: understanding the flow of energy and materials through ecosystems, and what regulates the distribution and abundance of organisms. Productivity and biogeochemical cycles in ecosystems; trophic ...
  • de Neufville, Richard, 1939-; Cardin, Michel-Alexandre, 1979- (2008-12)
    This intensive micro-subject provides the necessary skills in Excel spreadsheet modeling for ESD.71 – Engineering Systems Analysis for Design. Its purpose is to bring entering students up to speed on some of the advanced ...
  • Bucciarelli, Louis (2002-12)
    This course introduces students to the fundamental principles and methods of structural mechanics. Topics covered include: static equilibrium, force resultants, support conditions, analysis of determinate planar structures ...
  • Wilson, Nigel H. M. (2003-12)
    Evolution and role of urban public transportation modes, systems, and services, focussing on bus and rail. Description of technological characteristics and their impacts on capacity, service quality, and cost. Current ...