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Special Programs (SP) - Archived

Research and Teaching Output of the MIT Community

Special Programs (SP) - Archived


MIT OpenCourseWare (MIT OCW) has set a goal of publishing virtually all of MIT's courses, whether or not they fall inside the traditional academic departments. Thus, in the interest of providing MIT OCW users a view of MIT's entire curriculum, we now offer users access to a collection of "Special Program" or "SP" courses.

MIT is organized into five schools - Architecture and Planning, Engineering, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Management, and Science - and the Whitaker College of Health Sciences and Technology. Within these are 33 degree-granting departments, programs, and divisions.

In addition, a great deal of teaching and learning takes place in interdisciplinary programs, laboratories, and centers whose course work extends beyond traditional departmental boundaries. The MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, for example, offers a number of undergraduate academic programs embracing several disciplines. In general, these programs are staffed collaboratively by faculty members from various departments and fields in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences and, in some cases, from MIT's other four schools as well.

A number of fields in science, engineering, architecture, and the humanities, arts, and social sciences offer minor programs. These minors are cohesive programs providing significant experience in their disciplines.

Many students augment their scheduled classes with individually planned academic activities. These activities include undergraduate research, special projects, internships, fieldwork, and co-op programs, and MIT offers a variety of course numbers for these activities. MIT also offers undergraduate seminars, in both the fall and spring terms, giving undergraduates an opportunity to interact closely with faculty on topics of current interest.


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Recent Submissions

  • McDowell, Ceasar; Fried, Mindy (2005-06)
    This course provides an analytic framework for understanding the roles that gender and race play in defining the work worlds of women and men in our society, including ways in which gender intersects with race and class. ...
  • Christie, Patricia; Lyons, Steve (2009-06)
    This seminar will focus on three sports: swimming, cycling and running. There will be two components to the seminar: classroom sessions and a "laboratory" in the form of a structured training program. The classroom component ...
  • Faery, Rebecca Blevins (2007-06)
    In The Souls of Black Folk (1903), the great cultural critic W. E. B. Du Bois wrote that "...the problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color line." A century after Du Bois penned those words, most Americans ...
  • Gusman, Mariya; Fallows, Zak (2009-06)
    From Abilify to Zyrtec, the world is full of interesting drugs. Such substances have cured diseases, started wars, and ended careers. This seminar will explain how drugs can elicit a range of medicinal and recreational ...
  • Maher, Frinde; Bergland, Renee (2009-06)
    Feminist Inquiry starts with questions: What is feminism? What is feminist scholarship? Is feminist scholarship inherently interdisciplinary? Must feminist work interrogate disciplinarity? Must feminists collaborate? Our ...