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    • 21L.448 / 21W.739J Darwin and Design, Fall 2002 

      Paradis, James (2002-12)
      In the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin gave us a model for understanding how natural objects and systems can evidence design without positing a designer: how purpose and mechanism can exist without intelligent agency. ...
    • 21H.909 People and Other Animals, Fall 2005 

      Ritvo, Harriet (2005-12)
      A historical survey of the ways that people have interacted with their closest animal relatives, for example: hunting, domestication of livestock, worship of animal gods, exploitation of animal labor, scientific study of ...
    • 24.09 Minds and Machines, Spring 2007 

      Byrne, Alex (2007-06)
      This course is an introduction to many of the central issues in a branch of philosophy called philosophy of mind. Some of the questions we will discuss include the following. Can computers think? Is the mind an immaterial ...