A joint effort between MIT's School of Engineering and Sloan School of Management, CIPD links the best ideas of academia with the best experience of industry. Our team members share our dynamic vision—MIT faculty, students, and staff join with industrial partners to research the process of product development (PD) from engineering concept to management practice; from product design to market delivery.

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  • Complex System Classification 

    Magee, Christopher; de Weck, Olivier (International Council On Systems Engineering (INCOSE), 2004-07-24)
    The use of terms such as “Engineering Systems”, “System of systems” and others have been coming into greater use over the past decade to denote systems of importance but with implied higher complexity than for the term ...
  • Architecting and Innovating 

    Campbell, Ronald B. Jr. (2004-04-14)
    Innovating is essential to sustained industrial growth and profitability. But experience amply demonstrates how difficult innovation is, especially for large companies. The synthesis of valued offerings by aligning customer ...
  • Drive Out Fear (Unless You Can Drive It In):The role of agency and job security in process improvement 

    Repenning, Nelson (1998-11)
    Understanding the wide range of outcomes achieved by firms trying to implement TQM and similar process improvement initiatives presents a challenge to management science and organization theory: a few firms reap sustained ...

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