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Humans and Automation Laboratory

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Humans and Automation Laboratory


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  • Technical Reports Series - Humans and Automation Laboratory

Recent Submissions

  • Cummings, M. L.; Wang, Enlie; Ho, Angela W. L. (MIT Humans and Automation Laboratory, 2006)
    This study addresses this gap in CAS and intelligent alarm research by examining whether or not a single master alarm warning versus multiple warnings for the different collision warning systems conveys adequate information ...
  • Mitchell, P. J.; Cummings, M. L.; Sheridan, T. B. (MIT Humans and Automation Laboratory, 2005)
    The application of network centric operations principles to human supervisory control (HSC) domains means that humans are increasingly being asked to manage multiple simultaneous HSC processes. However, increases in the ...
  • Smith, Cristin; Essama, Stephane; Duppen, Mark; Marquez, Jessica; Cummings, Mary; Wang, Enlie (MIT Humans and Automation Laboratory, 2005)
    In support of the vision for humans to establish a large scale, economically viable, permanent human settlement on the Moon within the next 25 years (Space Frontier Foundation, 2005), the next generation lunar landing ...
  • Brzezinski, A. S.; Cummings, M. L. (MIT Humans and Automation Laboratory, 2006)
    As UAVs become increasingly autonomous, the multiple personnel currently required to operate a single UAV may eventually be superseded by a single operator concurrently managing multiple UAVs. Instead of lower-level tasks ...
  • Tsonis, C. G. (HAL Humans and Automation Laboratory, 2006)
    This thesis proposes, develops and validates a methodology to quantify the complexity of air traffic control (ATC) human-machine interaction (HMI). Within this context, complexity is defined as the minimum amount of ...