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MIT Open Access Articles


The MIT Open Access Articles collection consists of scholarly articles written by MIT-affiliated authors that are made available through DSpace@MIT under the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy, or under related publisher agreements. Articles in this collection generally reflect changes made during peer-review.

Version details are supplied for each paper in the collection:

  • Original manuscript: author's manuscript prior to formal peer review
  • Author's final manuscript: final author's manuscript post peer review, without publisher's formatting or copy editing
  • Final published version: final published article, as it appeared in a journal, conference proceedings, or other formally published context (this version appears here only if allowable under publisher's policy)

Some peer-reviewed scholarly articles are available through other DSpace@MIT collections, such as those for departments, labs, and centers.

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Recent Submissions

  • Zhang, Wenhan; West, Damien; Lee, Seng Huat; Qiu, Yunsheng; Hor, Yew San; Zhang, Shengbai; Wu, Weida; Chang, Cui-zu; Moodera, Jagadeesh (American Physical Society, 2018-09)
    By combining scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy and first-principles calculations, we systematically study the local electronic states of magnetic dopants V and Cr in the topological insulator (TI) Sb₂Te₃. Spectroscopic ...
  • LHCB Collaboration; Boettcher, Thomas Julian; Ilten, Philip J; Williams, Michael (Springer Nature, 2017-03)
    A search for the non-resonant decays B[subscript s]⁰→ μ⁺μ⁻μ⁺μ⁻ and B⁰→ μ⁺μ⁻μ⁺μ⁻ is presented. The measurement is performed using the full Run 1 data set collected in proton-proton collisions by the LHCb experiment at the ...
  • CMS Collaboration; Abercrombie, Daniel Robert; Allen, Brandon Leigh; Azzolini, Virginia; Barbieri, Richard Alexander; Baty, Austin Alan; Bauer, Gerry P; Bi, Ran; Brandt, Stephanie Akemi; Busza, Wit; Cali, Ivan Amos; D'Alfonso, Mariarosaria; Demiragli, Zeynep; Gomez-Ceballos, Guillelmo; Goncharov, Maxim; Harris, Philip Coleman; Hsu, Dylan George; Hu, Miao; Iiyama, Yutaro; Innocenti, Gian Michele; Klute, Markus; Kovalskyi, Dmytro; Lee, Yen-Jie; Levin, Andrew Michael; Luckey Jr, P David; Maier, Benedikt; Marini, Andrea Carlo; McGinn, Christopher Francis; Mironov, Camelia Maria; Narayanan, Siddharth Madhavan; Niu, Xinmei; Paus, Christoph M. E.; Roland, Christof E; Roland, Gunther M; Stephans, George S. F.; Sumorok, Konstanty C; Tatar, Kaya; Velicanu, Dragos Alexandru; Wang, Jing; Wang, Ta-Wei; Wyslouch, Boleslaw; Shi, Zhaozhong (Springer Nature, 2018-09)
    A search for the pair production of the lightest supersymmetric partner of the top quark (t~[subscript 1]) is presented. The search focuses on a compressed scenario where the mass difference between the top squark and the ...
  • Etingof, Pavel I (Elsevier BV, 2016-05)
    We define and study representation categories based on Deligne categories Rep(GL[subscript t]),Rep(O[subscript t]),Rep(Sp₂t), where t is any (non-integer) complex number. Namely, we define complex rank analogs of the ...
  • LHCB Collaboration; Boettcher, Thomas Julian; Ilten, Philip J; Williams, Michael (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2017-04)
    A search is presented for massive long-lived particles decaying into a muon and two quarks. The dataset consists of proton-proton interactions at centre-of-mass energies of 7 and 8 TeV, corresponding to integrated luminosities ...
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