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MIT Open Access Articles


The MIT Open Access Articles collection consists of scholarly articles written by MIT-affiliated authors that are made available through DSpace@MIT under the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy, or under related publisher agreements. Articles in this collection generally reflect changes made during peer-review.

Version details are supplied for each paper in the collection:

  • Original manuscript: author's manuscript prior to formal peer review
  • Author's final manuscript: final author's manuscript post peer review, without publisher's formatting or copy editing
  • Final published version: final published article, as it appeared in a journal, conference proceedings, or other formally published context (this version appears here only if allowable under publisher's policy)

Some peer-reviewed scholarly articles are available through other DSpace@MIT collections, such as those for departments, labs, and centers.

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Recent Submissions

  • Dahl, J. M.; Weymouth, G. D.; Triantafyllou, Michael S; Steele, Stephanie C. (Cambridge University Press, 2016-09)
    The flow mechanisms of shape-changing moving bodies are investigated through the simple model of a foil that is rapidly retracted over a spanwise distance as it is towed at constant angle of attack. It is shown experimentally ...
  • Zubac, Zdravko; De Zutter, Daniel; Vande Ginste, Dries; Daniel, Luca (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2016-08)
    In this letter, the multilevel fast multipole method (MLFMM) is combined with the polynomial chaos expansion (PCE)-based stochastic Galerkin method (SGM) to stochastically model scatterers with geometrical variations that ...
  • Batselier, Kim; Liu, Haotian; Wong, Ngai; Zhang, Zheng; Daniel, Luca (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2016-10)
    Many critical electronic design automation (EDA) problems suffer from the curse of dimensionality, i.e., the very fast-scaling computational burden produced by large number of parameters and/or unknown variables. This ...
  • Yu, Yue; Constantinides, Yiannis; Karniadakis, George Em; Xie, Fangfang; Triantafyllou, Michael S (Cambridge University Press, 2015-10)
    We employ three-dimensional direct and large-eddy numerical simulations of the vibrations and flow past cylinders fitted with free-to-rotate U-shaped fairings placed in a cross-flow at Reynolds number 100 ⩽ Re ⩽ 10,000. ...
  • Wang, Jing, 1950- (Duke University Press, 2001)
    My goal in this essay is to track the new career of the old buzzword culture(wenhua) in post-1992 China. Deng Xiaoping’s 1992 Southern Excursion Talks marked a turning point, as portentous as the 1989 crackdown, on the ...
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