Recent Submissions

  • Dependency-Directed Backtracking in Non-Deterministic Scheme 

    Zabih, Ramin (MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, 1988-08)
    Non-deterministic LISP can be used to describe a search problem without specifying the method used to solve the problem. We show that SCHEMER, a non-deterministic dialect of SCHEME, can support dependency-directed backtracking ...
  • The Measurement of Visual Motion 

    Hildreth, Ellen C.; Ullman, Shimon (1982-12-01)
    The analysis of visual motion divides naturally into two stages: the first is the measurement of motion, for example, the assignment of direction and magnitude of velocity to elements in the image, on the basis of the ...
  • Mini-Robot Group User's Guide Part 1: The 11/45 System 

    Billmers, Meyer A. (MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, 1978-06)
    This USER'S GUIDE is in two parts. Part 1 describes the facilities of the mini-robot group 11/45 and the software available to persons using those facilities. It is intended for those writing their own programs to be run ...

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