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    • Motion Estimation from Disparity Images 

      Demirdjian, D.; Darrell, T. (2001-05-07)
      A new method for 3D rigid motion estimation from stereo is proposed in this paper. The appealing feature of this method is that it directly uses the disparity images obtained from stereo matching. We assume that the stereo ...
    • Plan-view Trajectory Estimation with Dense Stereo Background Models 

      Darrell, T.; Demirdjian, D.; Checka, N.; Felzenswalb, P. (2001-02-01)
      In a known environment, objects may be tracked in multiple views using a set of back-ground models. Stereo-based models can be illumination-invariant, but often have undefined values which inevitably lead to foreground ...
    • Reducing Drift in Parametric Motion Tracking 

      Rahimi, A.; Morency, L.-P.; Darrell, T. (2001-05-07)
      We develop a class of differential motion trackers that automatically stabilize when in finite domains. Most differ-ential trackers compute motion only relative to one previous frame, accumulating errors indefinitely. We ...