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    • The Computational Complexity of Two-Level Morphology 

      Barton, G. Edward, Jr. (1985-11-01)
      Morphological analysis requires knowledge of the stems, affixes, combnatory patterns, and spelling-change processes of a language. The computational difficulty of the task can be clarified by investigating the computational ...
    • On the Complexity of ID/LP Parsing 

      Barton, G. Edward, Jr. (1984-12-01)
      Recent linguistic theories cast surface complexity as the result of interacting subsystems of constraints. For instance, the ID/LP grammar formalism separates constraints on immediate dominance from those on linear ...
    • Toward a Principle-Based Parser 

      Barton, G. Edward, Jr. (1984-07-01)
      Parser design lags behind linguistic theory. While modern transformational grammar has largely abandoned complex, language-specific rule systems in favor of modular subsystems of principles and parameters, the rule ...