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    • Computational Introspection 

      Batali, John (1983-02-01)
      Introspection is the process of thinking about one's own thoughts and feelings. In this paper, I discuss recent attempts to make computational systems that exhibit introspective behavior: [Smith, 982], [Weyhrauch, ...
    • The Design Procedure Language Manual 

      Batali, John; Hartheimer, Anne (1980-09-01)
      This manual describes the Design Procedure Language (DPL) for LSI design. DPL creates and maintains a representation of a design in a hierarchically organized, object-oriented LISP data-base. Designing in DPL involves ...
    • A Vision Chip 

      Batali, John (1981-05-01)
      Some well understood and well justified algorithms for early visual processing must be implemented in hardware for later visual processing to be studied. This paper describes the design and hardware implementation of ...