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    • The Scientific Community Metaphor 

      Kornfeld, William A.; Hewitt, Carl (1981-01-01)
      Scientific communnities have proven to be extremely successful at solving problems. They are inherently parallel systems and their macroscopic nature makes them amenable to careful study. In this paper the character of ...
    • The Use of Parallelism to Implement a Heuristic Search 

      Kornfeld, William A. (1981-03-01)
      The role of parallel processing in heuristic search is examined by means of an example (cryptarithmetic addition). A problem solver is constructed that combines the metaphors of constraint propagation and hypothesize-and-test. ...
    • Using Parallel Processing for Problem Solving 

      Kornfeld, William A. (1979-12-01)
      Parallel processing as a conceptual aid in the design of programs for problem solving applications is developed. A pattern directed invocation language know as Ether is introduced. Ether embodies tow notions in language ...