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    • A Glossary of LOGO Primitives 

      Abelson, Hal; Adams, Jim (1974-12-01)
      This is a brief description of the primitives in PDP 11 LOGO. It is intended to provide a quick reference for users who are already familiar with LOGO basics. For a more detailed and comprehensive description of LOGO, ...
    • LOGO Manual 

      Abelson, Hal; Goodman, Nat; Rudolph, Lee (1974-12-01)
      This document descibes the LOGO system implemented for the PDP 11/45 at the M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The "system" includes not only the LOGO evaluator, but also a dedicated time-sharing system which ...
    • Teacher's Guide for Computational Models of Animal Behavior 

      Abelson, Hal; Goldenberg, Paul (1977-04-01)
      This is an experimental curriculum unit which suggests how the computational perspective can be integrated into a subject such as elementary school biology. In order to illustrate the interplay of computer and non-computer ...