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    • Amorphous Computing 

      Abelson, Harold; Allen, Don; Coore, Daniel; Hanson, Chris; Homsy, George; e.a. (1999-08-29)
      Amorphous computing is the development of organizational principles and programming languages for obtaining coherent behaviors from the cooperation of myriads of unreliable parts that are interconnected in unknown, ...
    • The Supercomputer Toolkit: A General Framework for Special-purpose Computing 

      Abelson, Harold; Berlin, Andrew A.; Katzenelson, Jacob; McAllister, William H.; Rozas, Guillermo J.; e.a. (1991-11-01)
      The Toolkit is a family of hardware modules (processors, memory, interconnect, and input-output devices) and a collection of software modules (compilers, simulators, scientific libraries, and high-level front ends) from ...