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    • Learning object segmentation from video data 

      Ross, Michael G.; Kaelbling, Leslie Pack (2003-09-08)
      This memo describes the initial results of a project to create a self-supervised algorithm for learning object segmentation from video data. Developmental psychology and computational experience have demonstrated that the ...
    • Learning with Deictic Representation 

      Finney, Sarah; Gardiol, Natalia H.; Kaelbling, Leslie Pack; Oates, Tim (2002-04-10)
      Most reinforcement learning methods operate on propositional representations of the world state. Such representations are often intractably large and generalize poorly. Using a deictic representation is believed to be ...
    • Mobilized ad-hoc networks: A reinforcement learning approach 

      Chang, Yu-Han; Ho, Tracey; Kaelbling, Leslie Pack (2003-12-04)
      Research in mobile ad-hoc networks has focused on situations in which nodes have no control over their movements. We investigate an important but overlooked domain in which nodes do have control over their movements. ...