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    • Face Detection in Still Gray Images 

      Heisele, Bernd; Poggio, Tomaso; Pontil, Massimiliano (2000-05-01)
      We present a trainable system for detecting frontal and near-frontal views of faces in still gray images using Support Vector Machines (SVMs). We first consider the problem of detecting the whole face pattern by a single ...
    • Feature Selection for Face Detection 

      Serre, Thomas; Heisele, Bernd; Mukherjee, Sayan; Poggio, Tomaso (2000-09-01)
      We present a new method to select features for a face detection system using Support Vector Machines (SVMs). In the first step we reduce the dimensionality of the input space by projecting the data into a subset of ...
    • People Recognition in Image Sequences by Supervised Learning 

      Nakajima, Chikahito; Pontil, Massimiliano; Heisele, Bernd; Poggio, Tomaso (2000-06-01)
      We describe a system that learns from examples to recognize people in images taken indoors. Images of people are represented by color-based and shape-based features. Recognition is carried out through combinations of Support ...