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    • Routines 

      Agre, Philip E. (1985-05-01)
      Regularities in the word give rise to regularities in the way which we deal with the world. That is to say, we fall into routines. I have been studying the phenomena of routinization, the process by which institutionalized ...
    • What a Parallel Programming Language Has to Let You Say 

      Bawden, Alan; Agre, Philip E. (1984-09-01)
      We have implemented in simulation a prototype language for the Connection Machine called CL1. CL1 is an extrapolation of serial machine programming language technology: in CL1 one programs the individual processors ...
    • What Are Plans For? 

      Agre, Philip E.; Chapman, David (1989-10-01)
      What plans are like depends on how they're used. We contrast two views of plan use. On the plan-as-program-view, plan use is the execution of an effective procedure. On the plan-as-communication view, plan use is like ...