Recent Submissions

  • Trajectory and Force Control of a Direct Drive Arm 

    An, Chae Hun (1986-09-01)
    Using the MIT Serial Link Direct Drive Arm as the main experimental device, various issues in trajectory and force control of manipulators were studied in this thesis. Since accurate modeling is important for any ...
  • Interaction and Intelligent Behavior 

    Mataric, Maja J. (1994-08-01)
    We introduce basic behaviors as primitives for control and learning in situated, embodied agents interacting in complex domains. We propose methods for selecting, formally specifying, algorithmically implementing, ...
  • Geometric Aspects of Visual Object Recognition 

    Breuel, Thomas M. (1992-05-01)
    This thesis presents there important results in visual object recognition based on shape. (1) A new algorithm (RAST; Recognition by Adaptive Sudivisions of Tranformation space) is presented that has lower average-case ...

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