Decision makers need real-time geospatial data, from multiple sources, that can be visualized and interpreted quickly. The Live Simulation Mapping Agent (LSMA) acts as a geospatial computation agent. It provides useful mapping visualizations and interacts with other agents; hence, it can provide vital routing and live-update demographic and infrastructure data. The MIT Center for Grid Computing has extensive experience with the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center (NISAC) and is currently engaged in the research of large scale simulation of networks using parallel processing (multicore, GPU, grid computing) with applications including, but not limited to, supply chain logistics, security, and Smart Grid.

The MIT Center for Grid Computing is part of the MIT GeoSpatial Data Center, which consists of the MIT Auto-ID Laboratory (including the MIT Geonumerics Group, et al), MIT Center for Grid Computing, and MIT Intelligent Engineering Systems Laboratory. The collection in this community is a subset of "The Big Data Problem".

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