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Molecule Microscopy

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Name Size Format Description
RLE_PR_116_I.pdf 1.619Mb PDF
RLE_PR_116_I_0011.TIF 1.585Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0012.TIF 2.110Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0013.TIF 76.48Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0014.TIF 67.05Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0015.TIF 94.00Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0016.TIF 2.381Mb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0017.TIF 55.99Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0018.TIF 76.89Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0019.TIF 51.91Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0020.TIF 46.75Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0021.TIF 54.57Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0022.TIF 55.53Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0023.TIF 45.41Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0024.TIF 39.81Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0025.TIF 48.58Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0026.TIF 21.69Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0027.TIF 47.76Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0028.TIF 57.22Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0029.TIF 35.60Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0030.TIF 68.81Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0031.TIF 24.15Kb TIFF image
RLE_PR_116_I_0032.TIF 2.102Kb TIFF image

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