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21H.433 The Age of Reason: Europe in the 18th and 19th Centuries, Spring 2005

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Show simple item record Ravel, Jeffrey S. en_US
dc.coverage.temporal Spring 2005 en_US 2005-06
dc.identifier 21H.433-Spring2005
dc.identifier local: 21H.433
dc.identifier local: IMSCP-MD5-7d9044411ebfde45ea767f9881224ef2
dc.description.abstract Has there ever been an "Age of Reason?" In the western tradition, one might make claims for various moments during Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. In this class, however, we will focus on the two and a half centuries between 1600 and 1850, a period when insights first developed in the natural sciences and mathematics were seized upon by social theorists, institutional reformers and political revolutionaries who sought to change themselves and the society in which they lived. Through the study of trials, art, literature, theater, music, politics, and culture more generally, we will consider evolution and revolution in these two and a half centuries. We will also attend to those who opposed change on both traditional and radical grounds. en_US
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dc.subject Age of Reason en_US
dc.subject philosophy en_US
dc.subject cultural history en_US
dc.subject intellectual history en_US
dc.subject History en_US
dc.subject Age of Reason en_US
dc.subject western tradition en_US
dc.subject Antiquity en_US
dc.subject Middle Ages en_US
dc.subject Renaissance en_US
dc.subject 1600 en_US
dc.subject 1850 en_US
dc.subject natural sciences en_US
dc.subject mathematics en_US
dc.subject social theorists en_US
dc.subject institutional reformers en_US
dc.subject political revolutionaries en_US
dc.subject change en_US
dc.subject themselves en_US
dc.subject society en_US
dc.subject trials en_US
dc.subject art en_US
dc.subject literature en_US
dc.subject theater en_US
dc.subject music en_US
dc.subject politics en_US
dc.subject culture en_US
dc.subject evolution en_US
dc.subject revolution. en_US
dc.subject Learning and scholarship -- Europe -- History en_US
dc.subject Europe -- Intellectual life en_US
dc.title 21H.433 The Age of Reason: Europe in the 18th and 19th Centuries, Spring 2005 en_US
dc.title.alternative The Age of Reason: Europe in the 18th and 19th Centuries en_US

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