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6.005 Elements of Software Construction, Fall 2008

Research and Teaching Output of the MIT Community

Show simple item record Jackson, Daniel en_US Miller, Robert en_US
dc.coverage.temporal Fall 2008 en_US 2008-12
dc.identifier 6.005-Fall2008
dc.identifier local: 6.005
dc.identifier local: IMSCP-MD5-61503ee9d7b0e5d66401b0b76a60087a
dc.description.abstract This course provides an introduction to the fundamental principles and techniques of software development that have greatest impact on practice. Topics include capturing the essence of a problem by recognizing and inventing suitable abstractions; key paradigms, including state machines, functional programming, and object-oriented programming; use of design patterns to bridge gap between models and code; the role of interfaces and specification in achieving modularity and decoupling; reasoning about code using invariants; testing, test-case generation and coverage; and essentials of programming with objects, functions, and abstract types. The course includes exercises in modeling, design, implementation and reasoning. en_US
dc.language en-US en_US
dc.rights.uri Usage Restrictions: This site (c) Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2012. Content within individual courses is (c) by the individual authors unless otherwise noted. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is providing this Work (as defined below) under the terms of this Creative Commons public license ("CCPL" or "license") unless otherwise noted. The Work is protected by copyright and/or other applicable law. Any use of the work other than as authorized under this license is prohibited. By exercising any of the rights to the Work provided here, You (as defined below) accept and agree to be bound by the terms of this license. The Licensor, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, grants You the rights contained here in consideration of Your acceptance of such terms and conditions. en_US
dc.subject software development en_US
dc.subject java programming en_US
dc.subject java en_US
dc.subject invariants en_US
dc.subject decoupling en_US
dc.subject data abstraction en_US
dc.subject state machine en_US
dc.subject module dependency en_US
dc.subject object model en_US
dc.subject model view controller en_US
dc.subject mvc en_US
dc.subject client server en_US
dc.subject eclipse en_US
dc.subject junit en_US
dc.subject subversion en_US
dc.subject swing en_US
dc.subject design en_US
dc.subject implement en_US
dc.subject midi player en_US
dc.subject sat solver en_US
dc.subject photo organizer en_US
dc.subject testing en_US
dc.subject coverage en_US
dc.subject event based programming en_US
dc.subject concurrency en_US
dc.title 6.005 Elements of Software Construction, Fall 2008 en_US
dc.title.alternative Elements of Software Construction en_US

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