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Recent Submissions

  • White, Ronald A (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1933)
  • Richter, Gwendolyn A (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1989)
    The intention of this thesis is to present residential development based on a farm model as an alternative to subdivision in a rural context. The farm is not to be replicated exactly but the overall form is to be recognizable ...
  • Drawing/s 
    Sammis, Kim (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1986)
    Drawing has become essential to the making of architecture. Though some of the most magnificent structures were created without documentation, testified by The Pyramids, the Parthenon, primitive dwellings, treehouses and ...
  • Duerk, Donna P (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1980)
    Designing environments to accommodate people in wheelchairs is far more than ramps and wide toilet stalls built according to the state building code. This study attempts to illuminate the functional imperatives behind ...
  • Dimit, Richard J; Donkervoet, Richard C; Soderlind, Richard R; Swanson, Robert S (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1953)