Recent Submissions

  • SOFT - Sense of Future Trends 

    Datta, Shoumen (2021-07-24)
    SOFT is a discussion about future trends (Sense of Future Trends) with respect to global public goods: food, energy, water, sanitation and healthcare (FEWSH).

    Datta, Shoumen (2021-03-20)
    HAPHAZARD REALITY is a borrowed title from the autobiography of Hendrik Brugt Gerhard Casimir. Ideas discussed in this collection of amorphous thoughts were once paradoxes which may become paradigms (borrowed phrase from ...
  • Research Brief: Creating Customized Fragility Curves for Resilient Building 

    Mulla, Talal; Pellenq, Roland; Ulm, Franz-Josef (2018-11)
    Fragility curves, which are a statistical tool that represent the probability of exceeding a certain level of structural damage due to various forces applied to a building, are used to assess anticipated building performance. ...

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