Recent Submissions

  • Data for "Three-point bounds for sphere packing" 

    Cohn, Henry; de Laat, David; Salmon, Andrew (2022-06-29)
    This data set includes all the numerical data from the paper "Three-point bounds for sphere packing" by Cohn, de Laat, and Salmon.
  • Small spherical and projective codes 

    Cohn, Henry (2022-05-23)
    This data set describes the best spherical and real projective codes that are known to exist (to the best of my knowledge), for up to 32 points on spheres or 16 lines through the origin in the real projective case. It ...
  • Computer-assisted proof of kernel inequalities 

    Cohn, Henry; Kumar, Abhinav; Miller, Stephen D.; Radchenko, Danylo; Viazovska, Maryna (2022-03-16)
    This data set provides a computer-assisted proof for the kernel inequalities needed to prove universal optimality in the paper "Universal optimality of the E_8 and Leech lattices and interpolation formulas" (by Cohn, Kumar, ...

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