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  • Ellman, Rachel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
    Bone adapts its mass and architecture in response to its mechanical environment. Yet control of this process by mechanical cues is poorly understood, particularly for unloading. Defining the fundamental mechano-regulation ...
  • Pan, Adam, Ph. D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2016)
    Atherosclerosis is the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in the world. While there are a plethora of methods for treating clinical atherosclerosis, the primary cause of mortality is acute coronary syndrome (ACS) ...
  • Ramanan, Vyas (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2016)
    The Hepatitis B virus (HBV) has, at one time or another, infected one third of the world's population, and over 300 million people worldwide are chronically infected, leading often to progressive liver damage, cirrhosis, ...
  • Shaheen, Luke A (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2016)
    Nearly all information about the acoustic environment is conveyed to the brain by auditory nerve (AN) fibers. While essential for hearing, these fibers may also be the most vulnerable link in the auditory pathway: moderate ...
  • Whitton, Jonathon (Jonathon Paul) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2016)
    The global hearing healthcare field is faced with two principal challenges. First, the demand for basic audiometric testing services far exceeds the capacity of trained clinicians even in high income countries, and this ...