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  • Social and affective machine learning 

    Jaques, Natasha(Natasha M.) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020)
    Social learning is a crucial component of human intelligence, allowing us to rapidly adapt to new scenarios, learn new tasks, and communicate knowledge that can be built on by others. This dissertation argues that the ...
  • Making musical magic live : inventing modern production technology for human-centric music performance 

    Bloomberg, Benjamin Arthur Philips. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020)
    Fifty-two years ago, Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band redefined what it meant to make a record album. The Beatles revolutionized the recording process using technology to achieve completely unprecedented sounds ...
  • Zipped assembly 

    Falcone, Sara Elizabeth. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020)
    Biology creates assemblies with orders of magnitude more parts than any known human designed process. Molecular biology functions on the premise that fundamental building blocks assemble into chains, are zipped into strands ...

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