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11.422 Business Improvement Districts, Spring 2003

A graphical representation of crime hotspots in Philadelphia.
A graphical representation of crime hotspots in Philadelphia. (Image courtesy of Lorlene Hoyt.)

Highlights of this Course

This class explores the nature of business improvement districts, and does so with a number of case studies from around the globe, presented in the lecture notes section.  Also, there is an in-depth reading list, for further research into the topic.

Course Description

Organized urban property owners in contexts throughout the globe are using state authority to create a new form of government to protect their interests. With the power to impose taxes and provide collective services, proponents claim that business improvement districts (BIDs) effectively clean and secure outdoor public spaces. In contrast, it is important to examine the proliferation of such publicly endowed and privately managed organizations and question the extent to which they contribute to the political, economic, social and spatial fragmentation of the urban realm.



Prof. Lorlene Hoyt

Course Meeting Times

One session / week
2 hours / session




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