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This section contains student final reports for both 6.901 (undergraduate version) and 6.931 (graduate version). All reports are courtesy of the students listed below.

Sisir Botta and Christopher Tsai, "Globalization is a Catalyst for Change in Intellectual Property Systems: Case Studies in India and China" (PDF) (Courtesy of Sisir Botta and Christopher Tsai. Used with permission.)
Cynthia Caramana, "Implications of the World Trade Organization’s Intellectual Property Policies on Third-World Countries’ Access to Vital Medicines" (PDF) (Courtesy of Cynthia Caramana. Used with permission.)
Daniel Loreto, Adam Oliner, and Ram Woo, "Software Licenses: Taxonomy and Analysis" (PDF) (Courtesy of Daniel Loreto and Adam Oliner. Used with permission.)
Amit Gupta, Samuel Hwang, and Eric Makhni, "The Condom Project" (PDF) (Courtesy of Amit Gupta and Samuel Hwang. Used with permission.)