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11.001J / 4.250J Introduction to Urban Design and Development, Fall 2001

The Berkeley Building.
The Berkeley Building, 420 Boylston Street, Boston.  (Image by Larry Vale.)

Highlights of this Course

The lecture notes for this class contain extensive image galleries representing sites studied in the class.

Course Description

This is a class about how cities, suburbs, and metropolitan areas change.   It is an introductory subject for undergraduates that examines both the evolving structure of the American metropolis and the ways that it  can be designed and developed. Topics range from grand ideas proposed by single individuals to smaller more incremental processes carried out through collaboration by a variety of contending parties.  You will see how cities and suburbs have been changed in the past and how you and others may help change them in the future.


Prof. Lawrence Vale 

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
1.5 hours / session




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