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13.017 Design of Ocean Systems I, Spring 2003

PHANTOM S2, an undersea remote explorer, dives the face of a reef wall.
PHANTOM S2 dives the face of a reef wall. (Photo courtesy of OAR/National Undersea Research Program and NOAA.)

Highlights of this Course

This course is entirely based on the completion of a group project design proposal, many aspects of which are covered in the projects section.

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Course Description

A two-semester subject sequence (of which this is the first half) that demonstrates the design process through its application to a working model-scale ocean system. Emphasis is on carrying out the design and implementation of the system, including demonstration of its operation in the marine environment. Spring Term: Introduction to the design process and its application to ocean engineering. Design project with students developing system definition and completing its preliminary design. Students are instructed in the design process, embedded systems programming and interfacing techniques, sensors, actuators, and the control of marine systems. Communications skills are honed through written and oral reports and engineering ethics are discussed. Fall Term: Students work as a group to design, plan, construct, test, and operate the model-scale ocean system defined in 13.017. Special emphasis is placed on testing the system in the marine environment and analyzing its performance in relation to the original system specification. The social aspects of engineering are discussed including group dynamics and time management. The specific design project varies from year to year and is announced to the students on the first day of class in 13.017.


Dr. Thomas Consi
Dr. Franz Hover

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
2 hours / session

Two sessions / week
2 hours / session




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